terrazzo that lasts generations

Nobello designs, manufactures and installs custom-made terrazzo applications that last for generations!

We believe that standard solutions cannot fulfil people’s individual needs – Every person is unique, with their own taste, style and lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential to look beyond clichéd designs, and instead aim for customisation. With our approach, we create spaces that are unique. Personal needs of the occupants or users are central. But customisation goes beyond the individual. It also contributes to a sustainable and responsible approach to design and production. By producing only what is needed and not wasting unnecessary materials, we reduce the impact on the environment. Moreover, our terrazzo custom applications can last a lifetime, making it essential that they are designed to match the changing needs of the user. The need for replacement disappears; fine for people and nature.

'The choice for Terrazzo is quickly made when all the advantages are weighed against the disadvantages. Nobello has been producing enormously strong Terrazzo cast floors with an authentic look for decades. We have been making countless Terrazzo applications besides the familiar floor for about ten years. All in-house. This allows us to make Terrazzo that lasts for generations!


Our way of working

This is how we produce our customised terrazzo applications –  Terrazzo is an ancient craft. But with today’s knowledge and materials, Terrazzo applications such as tables, kitchen worktops and floors can be fully customised.

Small, large, colourful or neutral; it’s all possible with Terrazzo. Almost all materials can be processed. Frequently used materials are: natural stone, glass, brick and ceramics. Because the materials are crushed, it is possible to recycle (damaged) building materials and give them a second life.

Pulverising is nothing more and less than refining the material that has been chosen. By using a sieve, only pieces of the right size are processed.
It is also possible to use already pulverised pieces. Think of crushed stone materials. This is waste from marble quarries, a durable material that is ideally suited for Terrazzo applications.

After the crushed pieces have been in the sieve, they are washed. In doing so, we use only internally purified water. To be then air-dried.

To allow all the different materials to bond together in a sustainable way, our applications are cemented with natural latex.

By mixing the different materials with the binder, the Terrazzo now really starts to take shape.

Very important is that everything is smoothed out well and that the composition is fully cured before we move on to the next and immediately final step.

The Terrazzo as you composed it now comes to life. The beautiful colours and textures are fully visible after grinding.

*We grind our Terrazzo applications dry. We reuse the resulting residual waste in our binder.

About Marco

Marco started Nobello over 30 years ago and has become a household name in terrazzo.
It started meat a range of concrete-look, PU and terrazzo floors. Over the years, the focus shifted to terrazzo.
By now, we have fully mastered the world of terrazzo and developed it into a product that can be used in virtually any room and interior. Contact us directly to discuss a terrazzo project with many years of living and working pleasure.