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Concrete-look flooring

Concrete-look floors are no longer the drab grey floors we know from the past. Today, the designer concrete look has conquered the interior design market. Both the private and project market have their eye on Nobello’s beautiful and original floors. What makes a concrete-look floor so special? Nobello has its concrete-look floors in different designs and colour palette. Colours and colour schemes can also be chosen by our design and colour expert, together with the customer, with which a unique design concrete look floor is ultimately installed. Options such as logos, texts and images can of course be incorporated into your floor if you wish.

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Everything you need to know about concrete-look floors

Design Nobello concrete-look floor

Nobello has developed its own cement-bound concrete look self-levelling screed that has been used in many countries for years. Nobello design concrete has a very extensive palette of colours that can also be ordered in RAL. In some cases, new patterns and or colours are developed at the client’s request. Nobello floors have a unique structure with an authentic look. The vibrancy of Nobello floors provide great living and working pleasure within your environment.

Material selection:

Nobello Design Concrete Flooring is a cementitious cast floor composed of several layers. The main component is cement, which is applied together with binders and aggregates.


Both project-based and private

Application of a Design Concrete-look floor:

Nobello concrete floors are always created on site, depending on the surface indoors but sometimes outdoors in large concrete silos. The floor is applied in one go in its entirety. After drying, the feed is polished to create the concrete look. After this, the floor is impregnated, which prevents liquids from penetrating the floor. Finally, the floor is coated with a special maintenance wax. Nobello has its own team with years of experience with our floors. As a result, you are guaranteed a floor that is professional and of high quality.



Nobello floors require virtually no maintenance. In many cases, daily vacuuming or sweeping is quite sufficient. If you choose to take out a maintenance and service contract with Nobello, you are guaranteed regular professional cleaning of your floor.



Installation depends on type of subfloor and drying times of your chosen floor and thickness. Cast floors can be made up of several layers, requiring additional drying time between each layer.

Yes, Nobello is a brand name of designer concrete floors under the banner of Nobel project furnishing in Gouda. All floors are made in-house and are extensively tested for wear, lifespan and hardness. Test reports are available for this purpose.

Nobello floors last a very long time. The lifespan obviously depends on the chosen material, hardness and top layers with which the Nobello floors are finished. But as a yardstick, you can certainly assume 10 to 20 years for an industrial floor, with regular and prescribed maintenance, of course.

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Xpeng Experience Store

Central staircase with Terrazzo

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Xpeng Experience Store

Central staircase with Terrazzo

Ice cream shop De Shoop