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Terrazzo is here to stay and here we are happy to help! Because there are few floors that have been used since Roman times. And with success, given the number of monuments that have enjoyed the same terrazzo floor for centuries. Yet we are by no means stuck in the past. Over the past 30+ years, we have made the world of terrazzo our own and given the ‘old’ craft a new look. With our total package, we offer a wide choice for many years of living and working pleasure.

Terrazzo made to measure

Terrazzo made to measure

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Terrazzo applications

At the start of Nobello, the demand for terrazzo made us focus on laying floors. But the appeal and ideal properties of terrazzo resulted in countless applications. Over the past decade, we have been creating terrazzo applications completely to your liking, making it applicable in almost any space. Below is a selection of these applications

Terrazzo vloeren - Nobello
Terrazzo keukenblad (2)
Terrazzo werkblad op maat - Nobello
Terrazzo wasbak - nobello
Terrazzo tegels - Nobello
Terrazzo dichtbij de bron

Close to the source

Compose the way you want it. Terrazzo makes it easy to create an interior completely as you wish. From colour to material composition. A terrazzo product will have the properties and look you have in mind.

When composing materials, sustainable options are often chosen. Consider the (re)use of ‘rubble’, such as: bricks, crushed marble, sandstone grains, granite and glass.
This makes terrazzo the ideal way to recycle raw materials. Seize this opportunity to turn old building materials into new applications during a renovation!


Work started on the showroom floor of the new Xpeng Experience Store in early 2021. For the showroom in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, the architect chose a Terrazzo cast floor that could be made to suit.

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For the large central staircase, a luxurious, authentic solution was sought that was mechanically very strong and wear-resistant. The choice fell on Ultratop Terrazzo, a decorative cementitious cast floor, which can be fully customised with granulate.

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It has now been 7 years since this concrete-look floor was laid, but still a delight!

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Ice cream parlour de Hoop has been fitted with a beautiful custom-made terrazzo floor. Makes you spontaneously feel like sweets.

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The floor in this restaurant features a Micro Terrazzo with brass.

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