terrazzo that lasts generations

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‘Terrazzo that lasts for generations’ – At Nobello, we are passionate about creating, maintaining and restoring beautiful Terrazzo applications. With years of experience and dedication to craftsmanship, we offer a wide range of services to keep Terrazzo applications shining for generations. Whether it’s a new project, renovation of an existing surface or specific custom work, we are ready.
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Terrazzo maintenance

At all times, ask for advice before starting your own cleaning or maintenance products. If Terrazzo has some scratches, damage and stains after years of use, it may be time for a thorough cleaning. The older the floor, the better the maintenance or renovation will be. Nobello specializes in renovation and maintenance of Terrazzo. By using special tools and lots of experience in renovation and maintenance, Terrazzo can be restored to its former glory. Regular maintenance with a pure soap will saturate the floor. Then there will also be a beautiful deep and warm shine.

Terrazzo renovation

Renovation of Terrazzo includes renovation of Terrazzo stairs, floors, terraces, for both interior and exterior.

  • Filling, grinding and touching up of existing Terrazzo
  • Touch up damages in color
  • Sanding, sweetening and finishing (impregnation / protective layer) of Terrazzo
  • Polishing of Terrazzo in gloss or matte as desired.

Restoration of Terrazzo is often a labor-intensive job which can also make it costly. But new Terrazzo applications are in many cases more expensive and less durable. Also, often a floor to be restored is an old existing floor that has been in place for many years and is a great shame to remove.

Terrazzo made to measure

Custom Terrazzo is craftsmanship in its purest form. With attention to detail and creativity, unique and custom Terrazzo designs are created. From floors to countertops and tables, the result is a timeless and durable product that perfectly suits the client’s needs and style.


Restoring Terrazzo

Restoring Terrazzo is an art in itself. With artisanal expertise, damaged Terrazzo surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and renovated. Scratches, stains and damages are carefully restored, bringing back the original shine and beauty. The result is a renewed Terrazzo application that retains its splendour and is ready to shine for many years to come.

Terrazzo polishing

Terrazzo mosaics

Terrazzo meshing requires artisanal craftsmanship and precision. The careful assembly of small pieces of marble, glass, metal or other materials results in beautiful patterns and designs. The unique and striking terrazzo surface exudes timeless beauty and enriches any room with an artistic look.

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Terrazzo material

Composing terrazzo is a fascinating process that requires craftsmanship and creativity. In this craft, different materials, such as marble, glass, metal and even recycled elements, are carefully combined into beautiful compositions. An extensive range of colours and textures can be chosen from to create unique patterns and designs that give each terrazzo surface its own character. With an endless possibility of materials and combinations, each terrazzo project is a masterpiece in itself, exuding timeless beauty and enriching any space with its extraordinary radiance.