terrazzo that lasts generations

Spaces where Terrazzo applications stand out!

Versatile in shape, size and method of application – Rarely has a material been used so often in different rooms. Terrazzo comes into its own in almost any room. Because this ancient material is waterproof, it is often used in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. While large public spaces have also been fitted with Terrazzo for centuries. Get inspired!

Terrazzo kitchens

Whether for a modern, minimalist kitchen or a classic and timeless look, Terrazzo is an excellent choice for those looking for a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Terrazzo bathrooms

Besides floors and walls, Terrazzo can also be used for bathroom furniture, sink tops and even built-in niches to add personal touches. Because of Terrazzo’s durable nature, you are assured of a bathroom that will last for years without losing beauty.

Terrazzo showrooms

A creative application of Terrazzo in retail showrooms is in furniture and displays. Terrazzo table tops, counters, and other furniture pieces add an elegant and modern touch to interiors.

Terrazzo can also be used to create unique walk-in areas or special brand zones in a retail showroom. By combining Terrazzo floors or walls with custom-made lighting and display elements, brands can create a distinctive space that attracts attention.

living rooms

Have the heart of the house connected to other spaces? Terrazzo is also great for creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. With Terrazzo floors extending from the living room into other rooms, a harmonious whole is created, promoting a sense of continuity and unity in the house.

Terrazzo halls

Terrazzo floors offer the ideal solution for industrial halls, where functionality and durability are essential. These robust and hard-wearing floors can easily withstand heavy machinery, foot traffic and daily loads, making them long-lasting without losing their aesthetic appeal. Moreover, Terrazzo is naturally resistant to stains, chemicals and moisture, making it easy to maintain and promoting a hygienic environment.


Terrazzo in the garden

For terraces, garden paths and walkways, Terrazzo creates a charming and unique pattern that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Moreover, Terrazzo is available in various natural shades, making it easy to match your garden design and create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space to enjoy.

Terrazzo voor retail

Terrazzo offers a surprising and sophisticated option for designing shop interiors that can capture customers’ attention and enhance their shopping experience. As a versatile material, Terrazzo can be applied in various ways to give a unique look to the retail environment.

Terrazzo tegels - Nobello

Terrazzo toilets

Terrazzo toilets not only offer a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic, but they also have practical benefits that make them ideal for washrooms. Terrazzo’s smooth and seamless surface makes it easy to keep clean, making it hygienic and low-maintenance.

Terrazzo in the
public space

Terrazzo, with its beautiful mix of, for example, marble and glass particles in concrete, is a brilliant choice for public spaces such as railway stations, schools, universities, museums and listed buildings. Terrazzo’s durable properties make it withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear, while retaining its gloss.

Moreover, terrazzo’s versatility allows designers to create unique patterns and colours that blend seamlessly with the character of the building and its surroundings, creating a timeless and elegant look. Whether used for floors, walls or other architectural elements, Terrazzo always adds something extra.