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Generations of delight with Terrazzo, but what are the options?

Thousands of words are not enough to describe every colour, motif and ‘ingredient’ in which Terrazzo can be applied – Terrazzo’s versatility is unique. That is why we are happy to give you an insight into the possibilities. Of course, the widely popular floors, stairs and kitchen worktops cannot be left out.

But those who think it ends here are mistaken. We even make planters, sinks and coffee tables entirely to customer specifications.

Terrazzo floors

The “old” Terrazzo floor is back in fashion. An old craft in a new look. Because with today’s knowledge, we know how to make the Terrazzo floor even more attractive. Here are some of the features of our Terrazzo floors:


Terrazzo walls

Nobello offers stylish terrazzo wall finishes, also better known as the Nobello Terrazzo-Wall ®, that fit any interior and room. The panels are custom-made in-house and then delivered . . Many architects chose the Nobello Terrazzo-Wall ® because of the following reasons:

Terrazzo stairs

Nobello has developed an exclusive material that has been used and implemented worldwide for many years. This is an in-house developed and processed terrazzo. This high-quality material can even be applied to stairs, which means we can transform existing (wooden) stairs into a beautiful terrazzo in virtually any colour and design.

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kitchen countertops

A Terrazzo kitchen countertop can be prefabricated or made on site. Terrazzo kitchen countertops are becoming increasingly common because the material is impact and scratch resistant. In addition, the worktop can be fully custom-made. The size, shape and colour can really be customised. The countertops should have a certain thickness of at least 3 cm to as much as 8 cm and can also be reinforced with reinforcing steel.

Terrazzo worktops

Terrazzo sinks

Terrazzo sinks are custom-made works of art for toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. These unique sinks are made from a mix of marble or granulated granules mixed with cement. The result is a durable, elegant and versatile material that easily adapts to different styles and designs. By choosing a custom-made terrazzo sink, you can unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to your interior.

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Terrazzo countertop

Terrazzo tables

Terrazzo tables are beautiful and versatile pieces of furniture that strike the perfect balance between style and durability. Are you looking for a table with a unique and striking look? A Terrazzo table offers the answer. The shimmering surface of terrazzo adds a touch of elegance to any interior. These tables are available in different shapes, sizes and colours, making them effortlessly match different furnishing styles. Moreover, terrazzo tables are very durable and easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Terrazzo dorpels

Terrazzo planters & much more.

Terrazzo planters are a great way to combine the beauty of nature with the elegance of Terrazzo. Due to their versatility, Terrazzo planters can be adapted to different sizes and shapes, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens, balconies and terraces.

Besides planters, Terrazzo has numerous other less common applications that add a unique and luxurious touch to different spaces. One of these lesser-known applications is terrazzo as a wall covering or fountain. It creates a striking eye-catcher with shimmering and colourful textures, creating an artistic accent.

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